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Our scientific network lives on the passionate contribution of researchers who join the projects of study, cataloguing, field investigation.
For its scientific commitment, the Foundation has been inserted
by the MIUR in the Italian National Research Registry.


Appearance matters

an European research project

COST-ACTION IS1210 “Appearance Matters: Tackling the Physical and Psychosocial Consequences of Dissatisfaction with Appearance” (2013-2017) — this is the name of the research conceived and directed by Prof. Nichola Rumsey of the University the West of England (UWE) in Bristol.  With a play on words in English, the title alludes to the fact that, in our contemporary life, "appearance matters", that is, "matters of appearance" become more and more problems of substance.

More and more people are experiencing their physical appearance with discomfort. These are no longer individual psychological problems, but a real collective phenomenon, affecting different age groups. On the one hand, such concerns reflect an increased awareness of one's own health. Conditions such as obesity or anorexia not only affect the aesthetic sphere but also have a marked effect on quality of life and life expectancy. 

Silvana Greco, who heads the sociological section of the Palazzo Bondoni Pastorio Foundation, has been appointed by the MIUR to represent Italy in the European board of "Appearance matters". Silvana has to her credit numerous researches on the relationship between society and health, and has acquired a long experience in the field of scientific cooperation at European level. 

Thanks also to the support of the City of Castiglione delle Stiviere, from 5 to 7 November 2013, the ancient Palazzo Bondoni Pastorio hosted the first international conference on "Appearance matters". Delegates from 23 countriesfrom Europe and Israel met to discuss social and cultural problems related to the physical aspect.

In the Cost-Action network, Silvana Greco founded and directed a passionate group of researchers from ten different countries - Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal and Sweden - on the theme of corporeality and appearance in the labour market. At the international level, there were three topics of investigation: academia, marketing and social services. The Italian research group focused on the latter two sectors. Giulia Artioli, Enrica Remelli and Giulia Tomasi participated in the research group promoted by the Palazzo Bondoni Pastorio Foundation under the guidance of Professor Greco.


2000 years

of Jewish history in Italy

In collaboration with the Goren Monti Ferrari Foundation, our Foundation provides digital resources related to the study of Judaism, and especially dedicated to the long Jewish history in Italy. This didactic and research repertoire includes lectures on "2000 years of Jewish history in Italy", conducted by Giulio Busi at the Università della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, and available on request ( on our website.



The Kabbalistic Library of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

The Foundation continues the project, born in 2003 from the collaboration between the Institut für Judaistik of the Freie Universität Berlin and the Italian Institute of Renaissance Studies in Florence. The aim is to make accessible, for the first time, the entire library of cabbalistic texts translated by the converted Jew Flavio Mitridate for the philosopher and humanist Giovanni Pico della Mirandola. In the series dedicated to the Pichian library five volumes have appeared so far:

The Great Parchment, Edited by Giulio Busi, with Simonetta M. Bondoni and Saverio Campanini, 2004, 272 pp.

The Book of Bahir, Edited by Saverio Campanini with a Foreword by Giulio Busi, 2005, 564 pp.

Menahem Recanati, Commentary on the Daily PrayersEdited by Giacomo Corazzol with a Foreword by Giulio Busi, 2008, 860 pp., 2 vols.

Yosef Giqatilla, Book on PunctuationEdited by Annett Martini with a Foreword by Giulio Busi, 2010, 546 pp.

The Gate of Heaven, Edited with Introduction and Notes by Susanne Jurgan and Saverio Campanini with a Text on Pico By Giulio Busi, 2012, 574, 191* pp.

A new volume is now being published by the FPBP:

Four Short Kabbalistic Treatises : Ašer ben David, Peruš Šem ha-Meforaš; Isaac ben Jacob ha-Kohen, ‘Inyan Gadol; two Commentaries on the Ten SefirotEdited with Introduction and Notes by Saverio Campanini 


Four Short Kabbalistic Treatises: Ašer ben David, Peruš Šem ha-Meforaš; Isaac ben Jacob ha-Kohen, ‘Inyan Gadol; two Commentaries on the Ten Sefirot

edited by Saverio Campanini


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