General Giuseppe Tellera




Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Descrizione: Visita squadrone Meharisti fine 1939


Generale Giuseppe Tellera reviews Meharist corps, toward the end of 1939




Born in Bologna on March 14, 1882, General Giuseppe Tellera, who had earned a golden medal for military gallantry, was the highest officer of the Italian army killed during World War II.  In the strenuous attempt of defending Cyrenaica, leading his soldiers whom he never abandoned, he was hit by a shell splinter and passed away in the early morning of February 7, 1941. Struck by his heroic resistance, the British army buried him with military honors.


From April 1st, 2012

The Museum of Palazzo Bondoni Pastorio holds the exhibit:

The Bitter Lybia of General Tellera



General Giuseppe Tellera was the grandfather of Maria Simonetta Bondoni Pastorio on her mother’s side. For this reason the archives of the Bondoni Pastorio Foundation have a rich documentation on the life and career of the General. Extremely interesting are the vast photographic collections as well as the unpublished letters the General wrote from Africa to his wife Zete before and during the conflict.


Bibliography: Angelo Del Boca, La tragica fine della X armata e del suo comandante. Lettera dalla Libia del generale Tellera, in “I sentieri della ricerca. Rivista di storia contemporanea” 3 (2006), 73-90.







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